Michelle Andrea Ruth

For over 25 years Michelle has been into health, fitness and sports. She won the 1991 National Middleweight Championships earning her professional status in only 3 ½ years of training! Dedication, discipline, consistency, and perseverance in the pursuance of her goals earned her those achievements and more. As a professional athlete, she was a top finalist in both the 1994 Jan Tana and the 1995 Miss International.

Michelle is now offering to share her many years of hands on experience to those who would like to take better care of themselves and regain a fresh new positive mental outlook. The foundation to her personalized dietary practices is from Cancer Recovery Based Nutrition along with High Quality Protein Consumption for muscle tone and fat burning.

Nutrition and diet manipulation, personalized fitness programs, body toning and reshaping, and overall wellness are just a few of her specialties. Always passionate for health and fitness, she enjoys sharing her many years of hands on experience and research with others even while pursuing different business ventures. Michelle thoroughly enjoys representing the lifestyle that her clients and others are looking to achieve.

Allow me to guide you towards your quest in achieving

the far superior new and improved YOU!

Michelle Andrea Ruth